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Everything about barcodes

Barcode origins

According to the legend, Norman Joseph Woodland invented the barcode by drawing Morse code in the sand of Miami Beach. He sold in 1952 for 15000 dollars the patent which, 20 years later would revolutionize large retailers.

Although new technologies arrived such as RFID or NFC, barcode is much cheaper and more reliable.
Thanks to electronic progress, 2D cameras and decoding software, the future of barcoding is totally open!

SIM is compatible with most of the existing marking technologies.

barcode patent

Why barcoding ?

Most of the time, you can use your suppliers barcodes, or print your own labels when needed.
Counting or verifying incoming good pallets, managing stock issues, and conducting inventory checks is now incredible easy, fast and reliable!
With SIM, you can also print labels for pallets to sum-up the content of a complete package.
Usually, a smart identification code is all that is needed to build a powerful tracking system connected to a central database.
Additionally, if you need to store information for offline readers, you can use a 2D barcode to store data within the code.

EAN13 or Gencod

barcode label ean13

The standard in Europe: 3 digits for the country, a manufacturer number and a product number, unique in the universe.

Code 128

barcode label code128

Used without any specific industry rules, it allows you to adopt conventions on labels of your choice.

Code 39

barcode label code39

Recognizable by its regularity, with a limited set of characters, the old code 39 is readable under the most difficult conditions.


barcode label datamatrix

It can encode more than 3000 characters and can therefore embark the entire history of your product! Like all 2D codes, it requires 2D camera readers, more expensive than a conventional drive.

QR Code

barcode label QRcode

Highly popular among smartphone users because it enables to write a complete URL: a Smartscan connects you to a web page. The QR Code was invented by Toyota to effortlessly and accurately access product data sheets.

Barcode readers

If your products can be moved close to a PC, use a wired or wireless USB scanner.
Readability, comfort and durability are directly affected by the quality of the scanner.
Some readers can be used with cable or radio link.
Click here to discover a reliable SIM reader.

Mobile readers

When the storage is away from the PC, or when products are heavy and you cannot bring them to the PC: you must work remotely.
OPH3001 is the most efficient batch reader: smart, robust, and completely programmable.
It has a color display and a convenient keyboard to enter product quantities, destination or user ID.
Compared to tablets and PDAs, mobile readers are user-friendlier and cheaper.
A smartphone with our free SOLTISCAN app for Android and IOS is also a great choice!

smartphone barcode

Batch readers

Universal, reliable and affordable mobile terminal.
Ideal solution for asset management, inventory control and mobile sales automation.

The task can be done in three simple steps:
  • 1- Scan product labels and enter the quantities manually, wherever you are.
  • 2- Using any network (4G, Wifi, etc.) or cable send the data to the PC.
  • 3- After updating, the data can be checked and corrected from the PC.

The "batch" mode of operation is very secure and prevents errors caused by manipulation.

batch barcode

Pocket scanner

5000 labels in the size of a lighter ...

This batch reader combines many advantages in less than 3x6 cm!
Without keyboard and screen, it is however restricted to relatively Smart applications: entering the user card, the customer account or quantity must be from coded values barcode on boards. Simply attach with your storage rooms keys, it makes things smart and natural for everybody ...

Opticon OPN2001 barcode scanner

Warehouse Management

Try a Smart Handheld Terminal

When you manage your clients' packets, need to operate with complex storage constraints, when the management of shelves and the optimization of moves becomes critical, you need an intelligent wireless PDA.

With a Windows CE operating system, a WIFI or Bluetooth real time connection, PDA readers (Personal Digital Assistant) can do almost anything! All kind of applications can be developed according to your requirements. Simply ask for a free quote.

PDA WinCE Datalogic Memor barcode reader PDA Windows Mobile Opticon H32 barcode reader PDA Zebra Barcode Reader

Print labels

Everything is possible!

SIM is completely independent of hardware, you can print labels with any desktop printer and adhesive A5 sheets. This is laborious and poor quality but it works, especially when you work with barcodes in a product list book.

     zebra label printer
label roller
label board