Compare Inventory Software

Compare Inventory software

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Management and traceability of products is a very vast subject.
Most management software, specialized or not, offer functions to manage quantities, locations, and sometimes more.
In practice, they are useless as soon as you need to use the barcode in an efficient way.
Therefore, we only quote below the really efficient software for storage, logistics, traceability with barcode.

Inventory management software comparison

You have to take into account different criteria, ask yourself the right questions in order to choose the inventory management software that is adapted to its activity.

Do we want to use barcodes ?

The first criterion to take into account is the possibility of the software to generate and read barcodes. This point will be essential to save time and limit human errors related to to the manual data entry.

What is the budget you want to spend on the software ?

The price is also a determining factor when choosing a solution to manage your stocks. On the market you can find a wide range of prices from free to several thousand or even ten thousands of euros. A software has a cost but it must be relativized with the gain of productivity that you will obtain by using it. Some companies allow you to start with a trial version. This last one, free, can be largely sufficient to start an activity. The GSM software allows, for example, to manage up to 40 references. This is more than enough to discover the software and even use it in small structures.

In which country will the software be used and in which language ?

The country of origin of the software and its language are also decisive points. Software that has been developed by a company from your country, will certainly have a support in your language. Understanding each other is important when you have to communicate with the technical department.

What features do you need ?

Choosing the right inventory software also means having the features that are adapted to your business. Some software offer customize their solution with a system of options. This avoids to have a software that is a gas factory, certainly very complete but very complex and which will not be within the reach for all users. Before choosing your inventory management software, you need to know your needs precisely and find out which solution offers the solution that offers the most functionalities adapted to his needs.

Do you want to keep control of your data ?

Data hosting is also an essential point when choosing when choosing your inventory management software. Local hosting will allow you to protect your data. With this solution, you can work in a network without having your data having your data online potentially vulnerable. Web hosting has the advantage of giving a accessibility to all devices from anywhere and from any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux...)

On which operating system will we use your software?

This is also a consideration. Some software can only be installed on certain operating systems.

Comparison of the main inventory management software

This information is provided without guarantee: it is very difficult to obtain accurate and objective information.
Do not hesitate to contact us to complete this table with your recent information.

Name Infrastructure Features Barcodes Platforms Price Website Publisher
SIM Local or Cloud Management of orders, quotes, invoices, BL, all barcodes, Excel and ERP exchanges, multi-site Yes Windows and Smartphone Free trial then 100€ to 5000€ one time purchase See France
Inventoria Local Orders, receipts, stock reports, inventory control, multi-site Yes Windows One-time purchase of 80€. See Australia
Mecalux Local or Cloud WMS, flow optimization, multi-warehouse Optional Windows On request See France
OpenConcerto Drivers Management of real and virtual stock, barcode reading, SKU. No Windows, Linux, Mac OS Open-source, paid services See France
Openflex Cloud Supplier management,Barcode scanning, Statistics Yes Windows, Mac, Linux Single purchase of 90€ See Madagascar
OpenSi SaaS Optimization of replenishment, supplier specificities, filtering No Windows, Mac, Linux Starting at 79 € per month See France
SevDesk Web Excel Imports / Exports, Categorization of items, Export of contacts. No Not specified Starting at 20€ per month See Germany
StockNet SaaS Inventory valuation, reporting, multi-location management. No Windows, Linux, Mac OS Starting at 65€ per month See France
Stitch Labs Cloud Order Logistics, Fulfillment Capabilities, Effective Reporting and Analysis No Windows, Mac 799$ per month See United-States
SYSPRO Web Automated planning, ERP integration, reporting. No Windows, Mac Price on request See South Africa
Zoho Inventory Web Order management,Reporting,End-to-end traceability Yes Windows, Mac Free trial then starting at 49€ per month See India

How to Compare Inventory Software ?

It is difficult to compare software. Here is a general idea of how you might compare Smart Inventory Manager to other inventory software. Smart Inventory Manager is a cloud-based inventory management software designed to help businesses track their inventory, manage orders, and streamline operations. When comparing it to other inventory software, here are some factors you might consider.

Features and Functionality

Compare the features offered by Smart Inventory Manager with those of other inventory software. Look at aspects such as inventory tracking, order management, reporting and analytics, integrations with other tools, barcode scanning capabilities, and automation features.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Evaluate the user interface of Smart Inventory Manager and other software to determine which one is more intuitive and easy to navigate. Consider factors such as customization options, search functionality, and overall user experience.


Assess whether Smart Inventory Manager and other software can scale with your business as it grows. Consider factors such as the maximum number of products or SKUs supported, the ability to handle multiple warehouses or locations, and any limitations on the number of users or transactions.


Compare the pricing plans of Smart Inventory Manager with those of other inventory software. Consider factors such as monthly subscription fees, setup costs, additional charges for extra features or users, and any long-term contracts or commitments.

Customer Support

Evaluate the level of customer support provided by Smart Inventory Manager and other software vendors. Consider factors such as availability of support channels (e.g., phone, email, live chat), response times, knowledge base or help documentation, and user community forums.

Reviews and Reputation

Look for reviews and testimonials from other users of Smart Inventory Manager and other inventory software. Consider factors such as overall satisfaction, ease of implementation, customer support, and any common issues or complaints.