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SoltiScan Android Application

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SoltiScan Android Application

Client testimonial

Smartphones are used for material stock releases. When I updated the application on my smartphone I noticed the additional features. The inventory part and speed are not an important criteria for us because our company does not sell spare parts but production. The stock management with GSM and the smartphone scan made my life much easier.

B. Patrick
CEO Alunion sarl

Smart Inventory Manager & SOLTISCAN

Manage your stock from your smarpthone and retrieve the information on the computer

SOLTISCAN is a free barcode scanner app which allows you to scan all your barcode labels and send them to Smart Inventory Manager or a free excel inventory manager. Do you want to test it?
Download the application on your favorite platform (Android or IOS) and download the Zip file which contains the parameters for a free test of our solution.

Download SIM for SOLTISCAN
SOLTISCAN compatible with SIM, stock management software

Compatible options with SIM

Option Description Videos
Badge Additional input field to scan the user performing the movement
Project Additional input field to scan the case (site, file)
Customer Additional input field to assign a customer to the transaction
Inventory Functionality allowing to realize the inventory from the smartphone.
Visualization Allows you to view the scans performed and to delete them in case of error. Coupled with the "MySQL" option, this option allows you to consult the product information.
Quantity available Displays the quantity available in the stock for the scanned products. This option also requires the MySQL option.
MySQL Allows you to communicate directly with a MySQL database to carry out stock movements
Carts Management of baskets, order preparation. This option also requires the MySQL option.

Quick and easy inventories

SOLTISCAN strong points :

SoltiScan can be used without internet connection !

android barcode application

SoltiScan saves all your scans on your smartphone

barcode application

Sends data to SIM in one click !

IOS barcode  application

Find your scanned data on SIM

free smartphone barcode application

Simple and intuitive use

Stock input with SOLTISCAN a scanner app
Stock output with SOLTISCAN a scanner app
Visualisation of scan with SOLTISCAN
Move reference from location with SOLTISCAN

Find the essential features for conducting remote stock entries and exits and forwarding them to SIM!

A simple and innovative solution

SOLTISCAN allows you to easily enter and exit stock with your smartphone.
Then export your data as an mail to our SIM software. You can choose between the ".txt" or ".csv" format.
SIM will receive the data from SOLTISCAN which you can then integrate.

Use of SOLTISCAN barcode scanner app
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