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Inventory Software Videos

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A single look will convince you that SIM is really the user-friendly application you have been looking for!
Each video explains step-by-step how to perform basic operations.
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Smartphone for QR Code and Barcode Inventory

Here is how to scan QR codes or barcodes and send them to your PC. SOLTISCAN is a free application which collects any kind of barcodes and send them to Smart Inventory Software PC database. SOLTISCAN does not need any connection, can use the WIFI and no SIM card. It is possible to make inventories, stock entries or removals. Download SOLTISCAN and Smart Inventory Manager from our Website.

Smart Inventory on your tablet

This video presents how you can easily control your stocks using a rugged tablet. Shock and Water proof, you can easily move into your warehouse to input or output products from your shelves. You can event use the camera of the tablet to scan barcodes without any additional device. Ideal for WMS or inventory check. Just ask to get a quote for the ready-to-go solution.

Publish your stock inventory on the Web

SIM is a flexible application to manage your inventory, developed for most businesses or any size of company. To protect your data and improve performance, SIM is usually installed on local servers or workstations. This demo video shows you how to share your data to anyone on the web using the WEB EXPORT option. It enables your colleagues, partners, customers or suppliers to have access to your stock in your warehouse.

Warehouse Storage Billing

Many SIM users store customer’s goods in their warehouses. They are tasked with making monthly bills calculated from the number of locations used, multiplied by the duration. To support you in this, we offer the SIM WMS option which is very powerful. For an easy upgrade, take a look at our new BILLING option, suitable for small businesses.
Your browser cannot read this video. Please contact us!

Customize SIM

SIM is very flexible: you can easily change names of columns to fit your own terminology. Here is how to do it. You can also read the manual or call us for assistance!

Forecasting Supply Chain issues

With SIM CARTS, it’s easy to anticipate future customer deliveries, therefore being able to schedule the removal of goods. With SIM Orders Management, it’s easy to anticipate supplier’s deliveries, therefore being able to schedule the incoming of goods. So, why don't we just list all these future movements in a simple diagram to anticipate potential issues? The PLANNING option is doing that for you, and its export function provides numerous possibilities.

Search tools

SIM is equipped with a search tool that sorts your products and SIM can save your previous searches to gain in both flexibility and time taken.

New Product

With SIM you can easily add a new product, and customize the criteria needed to create it.

Operation logs

SIM is equipped with a Log tab where you will find a history of all your changes made from the beginning. You can also filter between a specific time period using the Period button.

Bulk update

Using the Output button, you can easily update one or several products at the same time.

Export to Excel

With the Export option you can export your data from the logs and Products tabs in 3 different formats.

Import from Excel

With SIM, you can seamlessly migrate from your Excel files to a user-friendly software. This video shows you how to import your data files or supplier's product lists in less than 30 seconds. If you need assistance, please contact us!

Location management

In less than 5 clicks, you can add products to your stock with specific locations, remove them from stock, and select the best location. Numerous search tools enable you to optimize your inventory process. Ask for extensions such as location map, barcode scanning, re-packing features and pallet loading calculation. These features are compatible with all our barcode readers. A real WMS system!

HandHeld Barcode Terminal

Now, you can:
- Control your products directly from the shelves.
- Count products when the delivery arrives.
- Check that you send exactly the right ordered quantities.

Our system is compatible with most wireless or USB scanners like Opticon OPH 3001. Let your employees do the tracking in your warehouse, and update the PC database when the job is completed. Without any stress! Our system is compatible with most wireless or USB scanners like Opticon 3001. Let the people do the tracking in the warehouse, and update the PC data base when job is over.
With no stress!

Android barcode scanner

There are many barcode apps available, but this one is unique for two main reasons:
1. You can choose between input or output, enter quantity, and with specific versions, add information to identify your data.
2. You can scan your products without any connection, as data are stored in your telephone. When a connection is available, the you can send data to your SIM database.

Print pages of barcodes

The best way to create barcode labels is to use a dedicated machine like ZEBRA. But when you do it only once in awhile, you can print with a standard printer on normal office paper, or using precut adhesive labels. Instead of using EXCEL, Simple Inventory Manager makes things really simple. You can generate barcodes from any Excel file of barcode lists, and create exactly the label you need.

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