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SIM software is used by the Mc Laren SP racing team in Indianapolis. Have you all heard of the IndyCars Series?
Spare parts management is critical in motorsports.
You have to be sure you have the right parts at the right time.
The slightest error in maintenance can be fatal, not only for performance, but also for the driver.

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With ARROW McLaren SP, SIM confirms its place among the best.

Mechanics and car parts business

More than 700 000 references!

FADEUR is the largest John Deer garage in Belgium. They repair huge machines made out of thousands of parts. Their SIM manages almost 1 milion barcodes which are updated every month from the manufacturer's catalogs.

Given the size of the warehouse, a special program was developed for barcode reader to enhance its adaptability to the specific layouts of the placement areas: alleys, racks, levels, boxes, etc.

Automotive spare parts
Car shop with stock management

Jaubert Auto Loisirs, one of our very first customers..

SIM handles spare parts movement, but also prints delivery notes and invoices..

Car store without a license

Bill of materials management

The first concern is to know which reference is compatible with a given vehicle. ALFI-TURBO near Tour uses the designation field to list all vehicles compatible with a reference. One scan of the barcode and one click is enough to search inside thousands of references and car models. Another interesting SIM feature is the composition: you can see that a repair kit is composed of bolts, screws, etc. Then, each time you create a set of items, you keep track of parts that are removed from stock as well as kits created.

Mechnical parts


Mechnical parts, motorbike parts maintenance

This travel agency in India manages a fleet of 50 motorcycles with a staff who can barely read engish.
From this the "​​colored buttons" idea was borned. Mechanics who have no computer training do all the operations on the PC without mistakes.
The maintenance book of motorcycles has become useless thanks to SIM.

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