Inventory check

Inventory is a legal obligation

To establish a list of physical goods
To verify quantities recorded in company accounts
It should be done at the end each financial year
It affects the annual company financial results

Regular stock inventory is valuable!

It allows you to assess overlooked items, gain insights into your organization, optimize storage and accurately estimate your stock level.
inventory management
barcode inventory scanner

Be efficient with OPH3000

Scan effortlessly all barcodes.
Forget books, leaflets and lists
Easily produce inventory
Type and correct with a keyboard if needed
Move freely within your departments, warehouses and depots
Accelerate your productivity thanks to a reliable and easy-to-use device
Streamline your inventory processes to match your evolving needs

Gain comfort and reliability

Having a comfortable work setup improves reliability and efficiency
More accurate and easier to use than an Excel spreadsheet!
Items are listed according to their physical location
You can interrupt your work any time and save uncompleted inventory results
Working stock is kept separate from inventory stock
Differences are easy to spot
Updating and reporting current stock levels is easy
All you need is a PC or Windows tablet
barcode readers

Simple inventory check

SIM has a special screen to easily scan or manually modify quantities without any risk.
You can connect any type of barcode reader (smartphone, android, USB, bluetooth).
You can read and any type of barcode (Gencode, EAN, QRCode, etc.).
You can also use voice recognition to collect quantities, to avoir typing.

Ask for a free quote

Each company, each warehouse is unique. There is no "universal" solution but, we provide adaptable systems.
Accounting softwares like SAGE, or ERP like SAP are not designed for inventory management. Every click is optimized with SIM inventory management.
Feel free to contact us for assistance in identifying the most suitable barcode scanner that meets your system requirements.