A good reader to begin barcoding

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner

USB Cordless 1D Laser Automatic Barcode Reader for Store, Supermarket, Warehouse

Long Distance Wireless Transmission Technology.Delivers up to 400m transmission in open air/100m transmission indoor.
No More Data Cable Needed, easily connected with your laptop, PC etc.
With Mini USB Receiver,USB plug-and-play, no drive installation needed.
Just plug USB and click on SIM BARCODE button.

To Enter product with SIM, use the keyboard shortcut key I and for output, the key O.

wireless barcode reader    Inventory with wireless barcode reader

For scanning without PC, you can use the storage mode.
Internal offline storage supports up to 100,000 barcodes in offline storage mode.
Scan and store barcode when far away from the receiver
Update the data to your device when you come back entering the wireless transmission range.

Two scanning mode: