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Does your company own an extensive catalog of barcode devices and solutions?
Are you providing I.T. services to companies regardless their sizr and industry?
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smart inventory software

By incorporating additional software solutions, you can better assist your current customers and attract new ones. SOLTI, a company specialized in barcode software solutions, has been operating for over 15 years. Our star product, “Smart Inventory Manager”, is an inventory management software which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any business regardless size and industry. With modules designed for Windows (Local and Cloud) Android and IOS platforms, our software offers comprehensive barcode, inventory, and warehouse management functionalities.

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The SIM community has over 1850 customers worldwide. By partnering with us, you can enrich your portfolio without assuming any risks. We will handle all aspects of customer support, ensuring a great experience for your clients.
Experience the freedom of installing and testing our software at absolutely no cost or limitations.
Here, you will find material to help you promote SIM, but of course we encourage you to visit our website and Youtube channel for more information about our software.


Reseller support

Here you will find everything you need to promote, install and support SIM software with SOLTISCAN app

Program Usage Leaflet Install Details Video Price range
Android and IOS
Free barcode scanner App Smartphone App SOLTISCAN is a free barcode scanner app which allows you to scan all your barcode labels and send them to Smart Inventory Manager or a free excel inventory manager. Youtube 0-$100 per year
Smart Inventory Manager Program Windows installer Track every stock move from warehouse purchases to sales orders. Effortlessly track lots and serial numbers throughout your entire supply chain. SIM is an affordable and scalable application with more than 100 options which adapt to your business and budget. Youtube 0
Remote scan for Excel Leaflet OPH program Easily scan barcodes from any location and seamlessly download them directly to Excel, eliminating the need for any software installation. It can also be used as a simple USB reader. Allowing you to gather barcodes and input quantities using a physical keyboard, OPTICON OPH3001 combined with SOLTISCAN are the best handheld scanner solutions available. You can adapt the dialog to your needs: location serial numbers, etc. Youtube $400

Reseller conditions

Prices and dealer conditions

SOLTI, despite its smaller size compared to our numerous customers (1800) and the size of our competitors, aims to maintain its team on a human scale and focus primarily on software development rather than marketing. As a result we seek partners to promote, install and support SIM worldwide. Users value our close relationship and deeper understanding of their business, enabling us to enhance software support and anticipate their needs.

Business Contributor

To initiate a partnerhsip and streamline the process,we propose a straightforward arrangement: you give us the contact, and we handle everything else. In return, you will receive a 20% commission on catalog software sales. You will be involved in all discussions and have the opportunity to maintain and support the customers moving forward.

Integrator pricing

Once you are prepared to manage a project, you can create quotations and invoices tailored to your customers in your preferred manner. We will consistently provide you with comprehensive support since we all share the objective of developing the SIM user community.

Please note that the price list below serves as a reference, we remain open to discussions as each case is unique!

Product Description Public Price Discount Reseller price Customer price
SIM Annual license $100 no $100 $100
Maintenance One year maintenance and support $100-500 no Your price
Simple options Once in a lifetime $100 50% $50 $100
ERP Options Once in a lifetime $300 50% $150 $300
Solti Training Training day $1000 25% $750 $1000
Your training Reseller training $1000 0 Your price
SOLTI's Installation Installation and test by SOLTI $100 no $100 $100
Your Installation Installation and tests by you $200 Your price

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