Manage your warehouses

Optimize routes and storage space

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With the WMS option of SIM, optimize space and efficiency in your warehouse!
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An instant and global vision of all your cells.

Immediate implementation

Consult us for a custom WMS

Picking roadmap

We enter the products by choosing the locations, in 3 clicks.
For exits, we create an exit voucher that is entrusted to the forklift.
When the driver has completed his tour, the items are checked for credit.
The causes of errors are reduced to a minimum.
This system has been used for more than 5 years in 10 companies with 100% availability.
Forezienne de logistique, Allianz/Xerox, CAT73, Robn des bois, SIIS, Cargo Direct Services, etc..

Galeries Lafayette

SUNGLASS shop is at the 2nd level of Galeries Lafayette.
When a visitors buys glasses, a message is sent through the WEB to the warehouse in the basement.

SIM analyzes the request m and sends the picking lists to the WIFI barcode terminals.
Operators perform the operations.
The map of locations is updated in real time.
This system is used with 5 salesman on the floor, 3 workers in the warehouse.
Sunglasses shop and WMS storage Sunglasses shop and WMS storage