Raw materials, variable dimensions

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Carpentry inventory management

Order only what you need and avoid the loss of raw materials. Reuse all your cuts, for example: before you cut 6m on a beam of 10 and the 4m were lost. With SIM, you can integrate them into your stock and reuse them: the falls are labeled, counted, effortlessly.
Options like stock limit alerts by mail allow you to never be out of stock. Your projects can finish on the scheduled date !
Coupled with your accounting software, your CAD software or our YODA CRM, save time on data exchange and limit errors on your quotes, invoices and work in progress.

It changed our life! Before, the designers made their plans, then we systematically ordered the necessary parts for the realization. It took time and the falls accumulated. From now on, designers consult GSM to establish their list of material. We save a lot of time and money! Ludovic.B

I use SIM for my wood stock and for my finished products. I use wood of stave, precious to realize original pieces furniture. I always know what furniture I can sell, and if not, if I have the wood to make them.

Stave furniture

Like the French leaders of the profile, trust SIM !

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