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The building and public works professions

Building life

Despite planning, every day brings new needs. The men in the field want to place their orders immediately, and take it the next morning. Nothing should slow down them down. The shop requires effective tools to take the requests without forgetting anything, to deliver quickly and to supply without mistakes.
The system should never slow down operations.

SIM takes care of it for you:

  • - ERP file imports from sales orders and supplier deliveries.
  • - Partial or complete supplier order receipts.
  • - Complete or partial follow-up of storekeepers preparations.
  • - Instant and future visualization of existing products, to be delivered and ones to come.
  • - Replenishment Commands Support
  • - Reports every workflow of material flows
  • - All operations are performed by the workers with an OPH3001

TIGRE company in French Guyana

TIGRE, french guiana use SIM for they inventory management
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SIM, Main page of the software

We are a public works company with 17 employees.
To manage our stock of spare parts for the repair and maintenance of our construction equipment, we have chosen "SIM" inventory management from SOLTI.
User-friendly, practical, effective with customization possibilities, it is THE solution.
In addition, we count with a highly responsive after-sales support, which remains crucial when assistance is needed.
Highly recommended!

Hector Prudent
Operational manager