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OPH demo on PC

A sample program is available here to simulate on PC what you get on the OPH.
You need to download, to decompress and clic on OPH.exe application.
The program uses mainly RETURN and ESCAPE keys.
It does not run on some Windows version: don't waste time with this abn call us!

To install OPH

To connect OPH with your PC you need to donwload and install OPTICON drivers.
Here is the faile to excecute: USB Drivers Installer

Then you have to open your control pannel and from "peripheral manager" check the COMPORT used by your OPH.

Update OPH program

If you OPH commes from OPTICON factory, you need to download our application.
- AppLoad is the loader: Appload Setup
In Appload, select Settings to choose IRDA and srial port number.
The select files to choose the .HEX file.
- Here is the code to download: SOLTI.hex
When the OPH is loaded, select Restart and press OK after the version display. Select Parametrable and select you options.
You can always restart OPH using simultaneously Fn1 and BS
A french version is available upon request

TO communicate

Here is a small application that can be used to communicate with OPH: OPH Terminal
A french version is available upon request

Regarding printers, it is simple..

Donwload Zebra utility zsu-1191137.exe

And finally, as PC USN is something comples, just call us!

info@solti.fr et Tel: +33 962.321.607

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